Thursday, August 30

My niece

Megan is amazing, she laughs when she pulls my hair out, and she cries when I wipe her nose. When I first found out that I was an aunt, I hated every single thing about her, but now that she's here, not really my neice, but her new parents are very kind to me, I can't even consider not loving her to peices.
She is my little soliel.

Granite Creek

Wednesday, August 15

Everything I See

Friday, August 10


These are just some of my favorites that I wanted to post before I put on
anything new. Hope you like them, because I do

Tuesday, August 7

There's always something

No matter how plain something looks, there's always something exciting and new just waiting to be discovered.

Sunday, August 5

My Super Power

My little sister asked me what super power I would have if I was a super hero. After much deliberation, I decided that I already have my super power. I can freeze time and preserve it on a 4by6 peice of paper so that it will last forever instead of flying by unnoticed. Grab hold of the past, because the future doesn't wait.