Wednesday, December 31


Happy new year everyone! I hope it's a billion times better than the last one.

Sunday, December 21

Adams, Brady, Todd

My goal as a photographer is to catch the emotion of a scene, not just the image. I look up to some amazing photographers, I always think of the work of Ansel Adams when I look at trees, Matthew Brady when I try to capture someones eyes, and I can't help but try to be like my mentor Duston Todd, who answers all my questions. These pictures are inspired by his work, with a bit of my own opinion in them.

Sunday, November 30


This is something new that I've decided to try, before I go into it, let me tell you why. I've received the opportunity to go to Italy this summer. It is my goal in life to photograph Venice, and this is my big shot. But it does cost quite a bit, and just one weekend job isn't going to cut it. So, I'm going to sell my photos, nothing crazy, this is something I thought I would try to make my Italy dream come true.
I'm starting with the basics, ten dollars for an eightXeleven picture, with no frame. Thirty dollars for a framed picture. If you're in the least bit interested, contact me by commenting on my blog here, or send me an email at Just find the picture that you'd like, click on it to get the name link, send me that with size specs, and if you're local then I'll deliver your signed photo, to insure that it gets to you.
This is one, to get me the lens I want for Italy, and two, to get my name out there as a photographer. I'll be posting more and more photos here, and you can contact me any time. We'll see how this goes, it'll definitely be an adventure.


Why I owe my life to the world.

Everything that happens to me shapes who I am, the way I act, and how I see the world. I've been inspired by thousands of people, all of whom have changed my life for the better, even if I didn't think so at the time. I've learned from so many willing teachers, and it's really been fabulous to meet everyone I now know. As I've often told myself, there is no way to repay all the people who've inspired me, so the only thing I could think to do is to inspire someone else. I hope that I've managed that, but I'll keep up my smile to make sure that the day someone needs a kind face, I'll have one to give. Thank you, everyone for being that support to me. I hope that all of you had a really great Thanksgiving.

Saturday, November 15

Halloween Monsters

Just a few of the shots I took in passing at a Halloween party. I think they're adorable, I love kids!

Friday, October 31


Super fun family shoot, good luck on your mission Jared!

Wednesday, October 29

Clover Creek

An adventure in the middle of the West Desert.

Sunday, October 19

Mountian Man

It's always a pleasant surprise when you look outside your window and see mountain men, pioneers and indians chasing each other around in your backyard. They were all very exciting and I was sneaky enough to snap a few pictures without them freaking out and saying the camera will suck out their soul. I love peolpe, they're positively amazing.

Sunday, October 12


So my grandparents flew in from Georgia, and these are some fun pictures from our hike, I'm working on the rest, but thought I'd go ahead and post these ones.

Saturday, October 11

My letter

Dear Hillary

After watching a chick flick all about loving life, I've decided to write you a letter, and maybe who ever reads it can substitute their own name in and find some answers to their questions.

I know that it feels like life is pulling you down, that there simply isn't enough time and no matter what we do, we seem to go back five steps for every one we take forward. But you are not being dragged down by the world, you're just trying to hold it up all by yourself. There is always time for those things most important to you, and if you only turn around, you're suddenly going five steps forward and only one back. When you feel like the world has left you, it's really you that has shut your eyes, and you are never alone. Ever. Help will always find you, just not in the way you were expecting, and as long as you keep your eyes open, you'll see God's hand in your life. Do not go through the enormous trials in your life with your emotions buried, because the slightest accident will cause you to crumble, and fall to where only you can reach out your hand for help. No one will be there to tell you what to do, because they don't even know what that is, so never find yourself in a position where you don't know what to do either. Speak your mind, don't stiffle a scream or a tear, and always be willing to accept the consequences of those screams and tears. You are stronger than you tell yourself you are, you're prettier than you tell yourself you are, and you will find happiness if you quit lookin' for it so hard. Don't give up, second chances aren't a guarantee.


p.s. I love you :)

Thursday, October 2

A little behind

Because my lifes been a bit crazy lately, I feel pretty behind. I've got to find disks that work with my computer, it's starting to get pretty frustrating. And I've got to finish the pictures of the Court of Honor, plus homework, and all the SBO stuff I'd like to get done. I'm just running around like crazy haha. Hope your lives are a little more organized, and that you have a fantastic weekend.

Monday, September 22

One Question

I know I've been doing quite a bit of talking lately, but I don't really mind it, I hope it's okay with you. While watching an amazing TV show, one character asked a question in passing, and it sparked an enormous train of thought. How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? A seemingly simple and silly question, I know. But I love it. And I honestly want to know the answer. This is a religous thought, so if you don't agree, too bad, this is America. Someone used to call me an angel about a billion times a day, and I seriously hated him for it, because I knew that if I were an angel, then heaven wasn't as amazing as I was thinkin it was going to be. But, after deciding that I love my religion and I will never again doubt it, I realize that the word angel is just a shorter way of saying "Thank you, for some bizzare reason you popped up in my life right when I needed you, and you've saved me." Everyone's an angel. Especially those people that challenge us, make us cry, and break our hearts. Because if we endure someone telling us that they don't love us, then spilling our drink the next day isn't so bad. I don't know, I feel like I pride myself on my sight, but I'm just barely opening my eyes. Why can we smile when we cry, but not frown while we laugh? I try my very best to learn a lot by watching the people around me, how they live and respond to the problems they face. I'm always awe struck by those that rise above their problems and smile while they're doing it. I admire the brave, and those who have blind faith. I know that everyone is beautiful because of who they are, not what they are. Even though I feel like I'm always secondbest, behind the cute dimple cheeked girl from seminary class, I'm trying to be like the people I admire, and tell myself that it doesn't matter one bit. So, I guess all I'm getting at here is that I want to know how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.

Tuesday, September 16


Attributed to the little things in life.