Tuesday, January 29

Em in new light

A real model shoot, finally. Please, tell me what you think so that I can improve. Thank you so much for all the help and support you've given me thus far.

Sunday, January 27

Photography 1

I signed up for photography 1. Why? No idea. But it is fun, because I don't have to do any of the paper work (my teacher is a fan of my pictures) and I get to talk to one of the funniest kids I know the entire time. All of the picture assignments are within the class room, so this is what I've come up with for this week.

Saturday, January 26

Bowling, Confessions, Cocoa, Waffles

Just a snapshot of my day with Julie

Friday, January 25


Simply for the sake of color. I've been in a very black and white mood, everything thus far for this year has looked best in b&w. So i've decided to find the bits of color hidden away in this miserably grey utah winter

Wednesday, January 23


Open your eyes
There's too much you might miss if you close them

Saturday, January 19


I was looking through all of my pictures, realizing how much of an influence my mentor has been and, to my great astonishment, I have not mentioned him once on my blog. Completely unfair of me, as I've learned just about everything I know about photography from him.
Thank you Duston-
you've taught me so much and helped me grow in photography, the thing I love most. Thank you for your constant help and willingness to let me ask questions. I really appreciate everything you've done for me.

Saturday, January 12


Did you know I love my little sister?

Saturday, January 5


Sometimes, for some odd reason, looking at a things reflection you get more than from looking at the actual thing

Tuesday, January 1


The things that we hold most dear to us are the things we cannot grasp.
My only resolution would be to fully understand that we cannot avoid war, we cannot dispel hate and there is no cure for sorrow. If there were no wars, we would have no peace. If there was no hate we would not recognize our love for each other, and if there was no sorrow, suffering and torment, the few truly happy moments in life would not be nearly as sweet.
Thank you to everyone who has changed my life and helped me become who I am and who I hope to be.