Friday, February 22

What do you see...

In a tree?

Monday, February 18

Lack of Sight

"Think of all those things we saw,
But please, oh please forget
That we looked at all those things
But never, ever
touched our dreams."

Wednesday, February 13

Ugly in the Beauty

The things that people deem unworthy of attention, cover and discard. The trash.
I always seem to notice the ugly things before the beautiful things, because ugly is different, something rare these days.

Friday, February 8

"Outstanding Perspective"

Among the professionals, my pictures stood out on the walls. There were photographs from Kenya, Japan, New York, every where. And I didn't win first, second or third. But I did get an honorable mention, one of only about fifty out of three hundred. It was for outstanding perspective. And my picture I recieved the award on was one of only fifteen b&w pictures recognized by the judges. So I'm not the best in the world, but I managed to hold my own while surrounded by the elite. Am I proud? Of course! Thanks again for the help I've gotten on this site, I'm begining to realize my dream of becoming a freelance photographer.

Monday, February 4

Moving Up

After the struggle of finding my talent and love of photography, and after all the money spent on film, cameras, ink and paper, I'm finally being publicly recognized. I've just entered three of my pictures in a contest, and they're going to be displayed in a museum for a month. I've acheived one of my life long goals, I can now say my art has been in a museum. And on top of that, people are starting to look at the benifits of my talent, and I'm getting offers for modeling shoots, which I'm extremely excited about. So, just thought I'd tell you, I'm moving up in this crazy world.