Monday, April 28

Missing Pieces

So, here's my hand at composition, it's my very first piano piece I've ever writen, and keep in mind that I taught myself how to play piano, so it's not Beethoven quality, and to be honest it's not even done yet. But, I love music, so maybe I'll keep trying. Tell me what you think.

Friday, April 18

black & white

Inspired by Ansel Adams, my photographic hero.

Tuesday, April 15

My Kite

I love kites! I don't know why people don't fly them very much anymore, they're amazing.

Sunday, April 13

Megan Extraordinaire

Have I told you that I love my niece? More than air, I think.
When I take pictures of her, she'll hear my camera clicking, turn around and smile for me. I swear she's an angel, I look up to her.

Saturday, April 12

Color Retaliation

I am so ready for warm weather. I'm ready for camping, rafting, kayaking, rock climbing, running, rollerblading, volleyball, hiking, biking, swimming, crazy parties, jump rope, 4-wheeling, terrorizing the neighbors, and all around fun outside.

Sunday, April 6

An Arbitrary Idaho

I love Idaho. It's an amazing state, and no one knows about it.