Monday, June 30

Why I Love My Family


1. They look at something terribly dangerous, possibly lethal, and they have one question. "I'm in! Who else is comin' with me?!"
2. Look at 'em, arn't they just adorable?
3. Who else would know where to get square ice cream?
4. Well, they're all buff kayakers, and thats self explanitory.
5. They all sing along.
6. More than half are fairly accomplished at flying large aircraft
7. They actually camp! Hurray!
8. We all party in the coolest state ever... IDAHO!
9. Huckleberries are a must in every meal.
10. Well, us Wheelers are just cool like that : )
p.s. Fam! For more of the rafting pictures, email me @

Saturday, June 21

Willard Bay

I want to be a bird, I want to fly.

Acting My Age

Well, what do ya think?

Thursday, June 19


Have you ever had one single thing change the way you saw the entire world? Something so simple as a dream, a lullaby, or a name? Or maybe a question as simple as "What do you believe?"

Monday, June 9


Self portraits, I found the skirt in my closet, it was for a dance preformance... seven years ago! So this is what you get when I'm dreadfully tired of doing the things I should be doing, and decided to do otherwise.


I love the color green!

Saturday, June 7

Rain Drops

The sky's been grey for days, I'm ready for it to be blue again

Friday, June 6

P.S. I'll Miss You

I miss everyone. Not just my amazing and insane friends from Mid. Middle, but SLArts too. And now... well we're all old now. It kills me that I'll probably never see some of them again, and I miss Darby, Doidle, Franky, Brighty, Shiny and Boots so much. Now my best friends are gone for the summer, and some of them aren't coming back. So this is my shout out, to everyone I miss. I love you all, you were all so inspiring and supportive. I will never stop thinking of you, and I hope you won't forget me. I love you I love you I love you, and good luck with highschool!
And thank you, teachers who helped me so much, especially Ms. Buys, Ms. Walsh, Henry, Judson, Ms. Lowe, Mr. Saunders, Mrs. Huaptman, Miss Porter and my best teachers; my parents.