Sunday, August 31

Submerged in Mud

The mud at the Great Salt Lake smells horrible. I'm telling you this here and now so that you don't have to discover it for yourself. It smells especially disgusting when you're stuck in it, hip deep. Yep. Don't ask me how, or why I decided to cement myself into the ground and look like the mud monster from heck, but I did. And trust me when I say, it lingers.

Thursday, August 14


Congradulations Jen&Rob, this was a great expirience for me, I learned so much, thank you for letting me be a part of your special day! And to the Lintons, I do have a few more pictures, if you'd like them.

Tuesday, August 5

My list

What kind of an impact do you want to make on the world? I've been thinking about it for a while during this extremely crazy summer, and I thought I'd post a few favorite goals on my bucket list, in the hopes of inspiring you to start your own or get working on what you already have.

1. Finish everything on my list
2. Graduate highschool
3. Go to college
4. Become a pilot
5. Be a freelance photographer
6. Stand on the moon
7. Learn ten languages
8. Barter with an Indian*
9. Go cliff diving*
10. Live in Venice, Italy
11. Make a thousand cranes, and give the wish to someone
12.Ring a church bell
13.Touch the Wailing Wall
14. Become a great leader
15. Kiss a frog
16. Tag a wall*
17. Be featured in a museum*
18. Swim in an ocean*
19. Light a candle for my Saint*
20. Dance with a bear
21. Find a lucky penny*
22. Learn how to swing dance*
23. Stand at the end of a rainbow
24. Smile every day
25. Find my knight in shining armor**

*Things I've done
**My dad will always be my hero in shining armor, just not the one I was expecting : )


The Power Dawgs!

This was quite the learning expirience for me, as I'd never really played with the lighting that you have at a late night game. Because of this, most pictures turned out blurry, but it was definately good practice, and I'm very excited for an opportunity to do it again, so that I can get better at it.