Sunday, November 30


This is something new that I've decided to try, before I go into it, let me tell you why. I've received the opportunity to go to Italy this summer. It is my goal in life to photograph Venice, and this is my big shot. But it does cost quite a bit, and just one weekend job isn't going to cut it. So, I'm going to sell my photos, nothing crazy, this is something I thought I would try to make my Italy dream come true.
I'm starting with the basics, ten dollars for an eightXeleven picture, with no frame. Thirty dollars for a framed picture. If you're in the least bit interested, contact me by commenting on my blog here, or send me an email at Just find the picture that you'd like, click on it to get the name link, send me that with size specs, and if you're local then I'll deliver your signed photo, to insure that it gets to you.
This is one, to get me the lens I want for Italy, and two, to get my name out there as a photographer. I'll be posting more and more photos here, and you can contact me any time. We'll see how this goes, it'll definitely be an adventure.


Why I owe my life to the world.

Everything that happens to me shapes who I am, the way I act, and how I see the world. I've been inspired by thousands of people, all of whom have changed my life for the better, even if I didn't think so at the time. I've learned from so many willing teachers, and it's really been fabulous to meet everyone I now know. As I've often told myself, there is no way to repay all the people who've inspired me, so the only thing I could think to do is to inspire someone else. I hope that I've managed that, but I'll keep up my smile to make sure that the day someone needs a kind face, I'll have one to give. Thank you, everyone for being that support to me. I hope that all of you had a really great Thanksgiving.

Saturday, November 15

Halloween Monsters

Just a few of the shots I took in passing at a Halloween party. I think they're adorable, I love kids!