Monday, December 21

My Frozen World

Wednesday, November 4

Upon this Rock

I think God did a pretty fine job.

Saturday, October 24

Skaters and their mob boss

trying to keep my mind busy, so I thought I'd go through some old photos

Wednesday, October 14


I've decided I want to marry someone who isn't afraid to stand out. Some one who is excited to be alive, always ready to go somewhere new. Someone who sees the beauty in the sound of a piano, and secretly wants to be an escape artist. Someone bold, spontanious, funny. Someone honest, loyal and curious. I want to be with someone that loves me, and never lies to me. Oh and it would be nice if he looked kinda like Sergei Vassilievich Rachmaninoff.

Saturday, September 26

Willard Bay '09

Monday, September 21


Sunday, September 13

My 17th Birthday!

I'm old! I love it! This was the best birthday ever, just because the friends that I adore were there and we all had fun making a mess.

Saturday, August 29

Why I Missed School

A sneak peek into one of the most beautiful places in the world. I wish I was a good enough photographer to catch it. One day I will : )

Saturday, August 15


Thank goodness for the simple statement

Friday, August 7


I love Florence. It is fantastic and dirty and a real city. The giant church in these photos is called The Duomo, and all the rooftop pictures were taken from the very top of this beautiful building. The view is awesome.