Saturday, August 29

Why I Missed School

A sneak peek into one of the most beautiful places in the world. I wish I was a good enough photographer to catch it. One day I will : )

Saturday, August 15


Thank goodness for the simple statement

Friday, August 7


I love Florence. It is fantastic and dirty and a real city. The giant church in these photos is called The Duomo, and all the rooftop pictures were taken from the very top of this beautiful building. The view is awesome.

Tuesday, August 4

Emergency Room

I hate hospitals. And I was stuck in one on sunday. After the weeks of stress, planning girls camp and youth conference and my older sister leaving for the Navy, I seriously thought I was just going to pass out. Then my little sister beats me to it. I sneak into her room to wake her up and tickle her, but she isn't there. I go looking for her, and find her on the ground, twitching. After walking her to the living room, she says everything is going black and bam. She's down on the ground and her lips are turning blue. I call 911 and start screaming at the operator because he doesn't seem to get that my baby sister is unconcious and I need every paramedic in the flippin state at my house at that very second. After the paramedics finally did come, she was awake and responsive, but very dizzy. We took her to the hospital only to find out that there is absolutely nothing that we can do. Something called vasovagal syncope. I say hell no. My baby sister passed out because she was dehydrated and stressed and theres no fancy crap they can pin on it just because they want to freak her out. So Emily soaked up two IV bags, and I sat by her while they covered her in beeping stickers and poked her with needles. One sister left me on tuesday, didn't even say goodbye. My mom has severe allergies and could stop breathing because she touched a contaminated door knob. Now my little sister drops for no reason. If the Devil happens to be reading this, I want you to know that if somebody tries to mess with my family again, they're gonna feel like a one-legged man in a butt kicking contest. And for anyone else, go tell your family that you love them, and don't just assume that everything is going to be great. You have no idea how much time you've got left, don't waist it. Thanks to God I still have my favorite little baby sister. I won't ever take her for granted again.