Wednesday, November 3

Time goes quicker than you think!

You tell yourself "I'll do it tomorrow for sure!" But of course tomorrow rolls right on by and you still haven't done everything you thought for sure you'd do. I need to catch up, but this is one picture I took while with my new friend who I think is the most amazing person.

Thursday, September 30

I am alive!

I know I haven't posted anything in so long, but I am going on a shoot on Monday, SO excited. I promise to post, hopefully you like the shots! Just had to post this picture because, well, I think I look pretty. Which is great because usually I take just awful pictures!

Thursday, June 3

Little Wild Horse

More to come, but this is one of my favorites

Sunday, May 16


I love the shape of the petals on these flowers, they are fantastic!

Friday, May 7

Dandylion Series

Did you know that's what Dandylions do, curl up like that? I sure didn't.

Monday, April 26

Spring is-

A chance at rediscovered self expression.

Monday, March 1


Monday, January 18

Our Christmas Flower

love these