Monday, January 24

A few supermodels

Sometimes I think about ditching my beautiful friends so that I can feel pretty. But for now I'll keep them, because they are just too much fun to do photoshoots with, even when it snows. This was a special session for myself and the lovely lady in pink, as we will be chopping our hair off together to donate it to cancer kids. Wish us luck getting used to short hair : )

Friday, January 14

Swept Away by Life

I thought for sure I'd be able to post all of my new favorite photos as soon as I took them, but I have been so consumed by everything lately, it's hard to get a solid two hours of sleep, let alone edit a few pictures. Just an update on why I have been such a terrible photo-blogger, I am struggling with completing my application for the Naval Academy, and the decision comes out in February. Wish me luck : ) That has been my number one priority lately. But now that I have done my last bit of paperwork, I think I might get my life back! I've noticed a change in my style of photography, I'll be sure to post as soon as the opportunity presents itself and you can tell me what you think. Have a wonderful weekend!