Tuesday, March 15

Can't Wait to Go Back

These are the pictures from Little Wild Horse Canyon that I never put up, and so I have posted them in anticipation for our upcoming hiking trip. I cannot wait to get outside! I love these shots, they are lovely, I think. And not because of me, but because that whole canyon is just amazing!


The Tyler Gang said...

Hi, McKay! Saw your thank-you note on The Tyler Gang. We're always happy to compliment fine work, but you have no one to thank but yourself. I am, you might say, the "screener" for The Tyler Gang. Let me assure you, you don't get on our link-board just because we know your address. In the almost-three months we've been up, I have probably looked at a couple of thousand blogs. I click on "next blog" over and over until something catches my eye with its superior composition, quality graphics, colors and theme that compliment each other, and so on. Then I look for content. We support people who have something meaningful to say. We look for quality art, like Richard Nichols (and McKay Fair!), intelligent humor, like Nerd Lunch, WTF is a quality cooking blog. If you pass my initial screening, then I get the girls in for the final decision on whether it goes up. In the case of your blog, the discussion went something very much like, "Whoa!" "Damn," and "This rocks!" You'll note that, of the thousands of blogs I've screened, there are seven on our board. You're in very good company, and with the exception of WTF, everyone on there is considerably older than you. You have quite a head start on a dream career should you choose that path. Whichever way you go in life, I hope you never lose your vision. That would be tragic.

Hope you enjoyed our site, and visit us frequently. Know that you're always welcome, and feel free to join the conversation. We'd love to hear from you!

- Jack

sonia nayab said...


Rashi said...

oh, the shots are AMAZING

Vipin Thakur said...
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Vipin Thakur said...

Hey Mckay
Those pictures are magical.
I am flaunted. Must be great be there.

andyfriend said...

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Owen Einarson aka RawLivinGuy said...

These are incredible pictures you should be shooting pictures for a magazine or something I totally would pick these up for a story on that canyon you got the best elements from all the different areas awesome. Great Blog keep it up have fun hiking. Snow gone for me too can't wait to get in some camping.
God Bless.