Saturday, April 16

My challenge to us

High school is ending, and not even forty eight hours after graduation, I will be flying to Lima, Peru. I will be working with a humanitarian group, and I cannot even tell you how excited I am! I promise to take a million pictures. After my trip, I will be joining the military, cementing my life into a very strict routine for the next couple decades. The only thing I can think to do is make a promise to myself, and challenge others to do the same. I promise to live everyday mindful of the blessings from the Lord, and to never miss an opportunity to give back by serving others. I heard a homeless woman tell a story of how there were four dogs on the street during the winter, and people had gathered around, calling family to find a home for these four lost dogs because they didn't want them going hungry, or freezing in the snow. They didn't even stop to help the homeless woman, who was freezing in the snow herself. What have we come to if we give so much care to a dog, yet when our sister needs some tender care, we blatantly ignore her. Do not walk past an opportunity to change a life ever again, friends.

Sunday, April 3

New distraction, My pencils thoughts

Things have just started spilling out of my pencil and falling all over the place. I wish I knew where these things were coming from, but the mostly just come to mind and before I can do much thinking, they're on paper.

Saturday, April 2


EnolamaI, enolamaI, enolamaI.