Friday, August 26

I am finally back

Here, living on the other side of the country, I am finally posting this long over due apology.

I am so sorry I haven't posted anything, pictures are coming soon of U2, Peru, and a car I have recently fallen in love with. I have no excuse for taking so long, but let me tell you what I've been up to. First off, I am now a sailor in the United States Navy. I swore in just last week, and am now going through officer training. I am also newly moved into my college dorm at the Georgia Institute of Technology, studying Aerospace E. The classes are hard, and the homework is harder. I also am going through a slight culture shock. I have never really been turned away by people because of my religion, but just today I was told to "get lost" because I am Mormon. Trying my best to take it in stride, but it's a little rough to be taunted and mocked because I don't get drunk, smoke, or swear up a storm every time I open my mouth. Staying strong though!

Please be patient with me, the military takes up a lot of time, and classes take up the rest. But I hope you are all happy and loving life! I'll post again soon!