Monday, November 14

How I Broke My Window

Hello! I'm so sorry I haven't posted any pictures... this isn't much of a photoblog right now, but it'll come back, I promise. I just wanted to write a little tid-bit about how I broke my window this semester.

By window, I mean how I see the world. I took a class when I was younger that "self evaluated" personal views, blahblahblah. Anyway I classified my window and set my goals. Now that I've moved across the country and live on my own, I've realized that I accidentally broke my window! Goals have changed, motivations completely scrambled, and the concept of "right and wrong" has taken on a whole new meaning.

So I will be positive from now on. I've lost who I used to be and have stumbled on a new person, with a new view on life. I want it to be a good one, and I'm afraid that at the moment I have been taking life way too serious. I've been frantic to put my old window back together, when I should really just let it go. Scary! Terrifying! But exciting : ) Here's to being who you are, who ever that is.

Sunday, November 6


At church, and in the scriptures, people always talk about hearing the voice of the Lord. I have to admit, I've never heard a voice. I was pretty troubled by this as a little kid, and throughout my younger years I'd just decided everyone was in on this metaphor for hearing God and I was just too dumb to catch on. But then I discovered the piano, and everything it could become. There is nothing more beautiful than music played purely to express one feeling, and after listening to certain pieces over and over, I'm starting to understand what people mean when they say they can hear the voice of the Lord. It's there, it's just written in triplets.