Wednesday, January 25

I've typed up my little life story

You can read it here, if you like. Have a wonderful day!

Monday, January 9

I am engaged!

I always thought I wouldn't get married. Actually, the plan was to avoid it at all costs, so that nothing would get in the way of my career. And then the love of my life came out of no where. And now I am engaged. Crazy? Yep. But I think it's a wonderful kind of crazy!

I'll post some pictures when I find a moment, the semester has just started again and life is getting insane. I've decided to stay at school and in the military for this semester, and then make the final decision as to whether or not I will stay here. Right now I literally have no idea what to do.

I hope everything is wonderful for all of you, and that you all had a fantastic holiday. Please don't think me a silly girl who doesn't know what real life is like... I hope you all would be just as ready to jump in to an adventure like I have so early in my life.